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It’s More Than A Pick


Swee Lee Studio Instructor Oliver

Oliver is a versatile musician and instructor. He not only knows how to play both acoustic and electric guitars but he is also equally adept at drums and ukulele.

His interest in music first started off with the guitar and subsequently he went on to formally learn the drums.

Oliver teaches all of the above-mentioned instruments at our Star Vista store. If you are around the area and is curious how our Academy lessons are like, come by our Star Vista store to find out more.

Swee Lee Studio Instructor Mark Santa Maria & Gibson Custom Wes Montgomery L-5 CES

In our second Swee Lee Music Academy instructor video, we have Mark Santa Maria coaxing tunes out of Gibson Custom Shop’s Wes Montgomery L-5 CES guitar.

For Mark, it was either music or molecular biology. And he’s never been happier since choosing the former and pursued music at Laselle College of the Arts.

Mark hopes to give students what he had received through music, self-confidence and the realisation that only the sky’s the limit. Located at our 112 Katong store, he teaches both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as the ukulele.

Swee Lee Studio Instructor Khairil Yamin & Gibson 1958 Les Paul VOS

You’ve seen our students performing in our first ever Swee Lee Music A showcase. Now it’s time for us to present our SLMA instructors!

In this video presented by Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only (B.A.O.) is our instructor Khairil Yamin who is seen demo-ing on the 1958 Les Paul VOS made by Gibson Custom Shop.

His first encounter with music was back in his teenage days, where he fell in love in with the electric guitar after witnessing his dad playing it.

Khairil hopes to inspire his students to progress and become musicians whom people can look up to.