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It’s More Than A Pick


Balancing Technicality & Feel With “Wonderful Tonight”

Eric Clapton is widely regarded as a guitar god and a very well-accomplished singer-songwriter, with over 40 years of music experience under his belt.

Balancing technicality and feel while playing, our guitar student Linford takes on his classic song “Wonderful Tonight”.

Licks Central – Smooth Strums

Picture an image of the cool sea breeze blowing against your face, the clouds providing comfortable shade from the scorching sun, and you sitting or lying down comfortably and taking in the relaxing scene.

Khai’s latest acoustic guitar lick on the Gibson 1941 SJ-100 guitar brings such images to mind when you close your eyes and listen to it. Or perhaps it’s a different but equally pleasing scene playing before your mental stage.

Whatever it is, we hope the image(s) will leave you inspired to want to give this strumming-based guitar lick a try.

Smooth Strums is available for download in PDF format for your easy reference: Khai’s Smooth Strums

Marsha On Point With “Hotel California”

Clearly a favourite, plenty of people have played and covered this song. It’s such a classic that it’s hardly missed out in the music classroom.

How about a teenage girl being on point with “Hotel California”? Marsha, you did great and we hope to see you rocking on stage some day!

Licks Central – Acoustic Alchemy (Part 2)

A guitarist is akin to an alchemist, bringing together different elements of music and turning them into something pleasing to the ears.

Presenting Part 2 of Acoustic Alchemy on the visually appealing Epiphone Dove Pro, our music instructor Khai completes the alchemy of bringing together strumming and picking elements.

Acoustic Alchemy (Part 2) is available for download in PDF format for your easy reference: Khai’s Acoustic Alchemy 2