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It’s More Than A Pick


Balancing Technicality & Feel With “Wonderful Tonight”

Eric Clapton is widely regarded as a guitar god and a very well-accomplished singer-songwriter, with over 40 years of music experience under his belt.

Balancing technicality and feel while playing, our guitar student Linford takes on his classic song “Wonderful Tonight”.

Marsha On Point With “Hotel California”

Clearly a favourite, plenty of people have played and covered this song. It’s such a classic that it’s hardly missed out in the music classroom.

How about a teenage girl being on point with “Hotel California”? Marsha, you did great and we hope to see you rocking on stage some day!

Guitar Playing Styles

Every guitarist has their guitar hero(es) and each of these guitar heroes has their unique playing style that results in their signature sound.
See if you agree with the graphical representation of the playing style of some of these famous guitarists!

Licks Central – Guitar Cool With Irwin #2 (Part 2)

Our music instructor Irwin isn’t just good with the ukulele (as you’ve seen in our ukulele licks video). But he’s also equally passionate about (and talented on) the guitar.

In this second electric guitar licks video (don’t forget to check out the part 1 of this video!), Irwin shows us a pentatonic-based lick that’ll make your fingers dance on the fretboard. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s demonstrating this lick on a very eye-pleasing Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classic.

A PDF copy of this lick can be downloaded here for your easy reference: Guitar Cool With Irwin 2 (Part 2)