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Marshall Amplification Endorses Rosli Mansor

Rosli is a familiar face in the music scene as an instrumental guitarist with two albums under his belt prior to joining Swee Lee.

For us at Swee Lee Music Academy, we are very glad to have him on board and working closely with our education and planning team on the Academy’s direction. He is also our Senior Instructor teaching the acoustic and electric guitars, having garnered over 20 years of invaluable teaching experience.

We are so proud to announce and celebrate the news that Rosli has been made a Marshall Amplification artist! Check out the link on Marshall’s website for more information:


Alex Hutchings’ Guitar Clinic Recap

We are glad to welcome Alex Hutchings back to our shores and to Swee Lee. He is back to conduct a guitar clinic whilst showcasing some of BOSS’s latest products.

Products being touched upon includes the SY-300 guitar synthesizer and the DD-500 digital delay stomp box.

We had enthusiastic audiences attending the event and hanging on to every word and music notes that came out from Alex.

It was a great night and we hope those of you who had attended the clinic had a great time too! More photos can be viewed on our Facebook page at

SLMA “Plug N Play!” 2015 Live!

Presenting some of our finest students, live on the stage at our annual student concert!

Our “Plug N Play!” 2015 student concert was a success, made possible only by the hard work, sweat and possibly tears of our performing students, instructors and staff.

So here is the video of what went down that day. Enjoy!