Tosin Abasi Guitar Clinic 2015 | Presented by Ibanez and SLMA

It was an event that’s highly anticipated by many progressive metal and Animals As Leaders fans!

Our red carpet was graced by the grand presence of Animals As Leaders’ Tosin Abasi in the guitar clinic presented by Ibanez and Swee Lee Music Academy on Sunday May 24! The Substation was packed to the brim by so many fans and supporters, who were eager to hear Abasi sharing his guitar techniques.

Also featured in the event was his Ibanez signature 8-string guitars, TAM100 and TAM10, of which a few fans managed to snap up the axes on sale that day and had Abasi to sign on it.

The cherry on the cake was when Abasi entertained fans with 5 songs from Animals As Leaders albums. Such drool-worthy moments!

(Photo Credits: Eleanor Chew)

Once again, our event could not be so successful if not for each and everyone of you who turned up that evening. We hope you had a blast just as we did and we look forward to seeing you again at our next event!

To view more images of what went down that day, head over to our Facebook page:


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