Jeff Berlin Rithimics On His Signature Bass Guitar


A bass extraordinaire, a passionate and at times controversial educator, Jeff Berlin created his signature and very eye-catching bass guitar called The Rithimic together with Cort Guitars.

This distinctive-looking signature bass guitar made its debut at NAMM 2014 and will grace the clinic with its presence alongside Berlin at his upcoming bass clinic taking place May 13 (Wed), 7.30pm at Swee Lee Boutique (142 Bukit Timah)

Berlin created this bass guitar very close to his personal preferences. A long-time user of Bartolini pick-ups, these pick-ups were specially made by Bartolini for his signature bass. Even the Babicz bridge is specially made for Berlin.

The Rithimic is already tickling your tastebuds? You’ll be glad to know that it’s available for purchase on our Swee Lee online store and you can check it out by following the link below:-

Don’t forget your appointment with Berlin if you’ve already signed up for his clinic! If you haven’t sign up, go to our website ( to register today.


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