Music Royalty That’s Matt Garstka

One crown to rule ’em all? Maybe not given the countless talents around the world. But it is probably apt to call him a royalty (of sorts) of the big music family.

Born to a father who is a guitarist and owns a music shop; picked up drums at age 8;  graduated from Berklee; endorsed by Meinl, Vic Firth, Remo and Tama; is a member of a progressive metal band named Animals As Leaders; graced the cover of Modern Drummer‘s March 2015 issue; polled No. 2 by readers of the same category in the Prog category in 2015.

Caught your breath yet?

Before we start to pigeon-hole Matt Garstka into that deep, black hole of metal/rock genre, is this throne contender just a pretender or next-in-line to the one of the many crowns in the drum world?

Body-dancing-inducing Afro-Cuban grooves anyone?

Or is R&B your preferred cup of tea?

And some other cool sh** (a.k.a. genres) that he can do or has played before.

With a talent like that so undeniable, we should all give thanks that Garstka is going to be in town next Saturday May 16 (did you get our memo?) to share/advice/showcase what he knows about drumming.

Go activate those fingers on the mouse now! Don’t say we didn’t share the good news (the drum clinic is FREE.) (UPDATE: Registration for the clinic is now closed as we are full!)


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