Just Who Is Jeff Berlin?

Let’s not throw Jeff Berlin to be in the same era or category as his peers, or brush him off so easily, shall we?

For someone who has had a long illustrious career and of someone his age, Berlin’s star seems to be on the shining rise again in recent years.

His signature bass guitar with Cort made its debut in NAMM 2014 and he has been going around the world conducting clinics non-stop. Together with Scott Henderson and Dennis Chambers, the trio released a fusion jazz album and Berlin went on tour with them. In 2013, he released his yet another jazz album (and sort of a follow up to High Standards) titled Low Standards. (Frankly, the list of his achievements are too much to be summarised in simply a few words.)

And do you know: he has made some interesting stand about learning with the metronome and the tablature? Most music educators may exclaim, “It’s preposterous!” But is it really so? Check out what Berlin has to say in these videos:-

(Disclaimer: We are in no way related/affiliated to Berlin’s Players School of Music. Nonetheless, we do encourage you our students and all learners out there to have an open mind and exercise appropriate discernment on your part.)

Begging to differ? Confused who to listen to? Why did Jeff Berlin say what he said? Come seek your answers at our upcoming bass clinic with him on May 13 (Wed), 7.30pm at Swee Lee Boutique (142 Bukit Timah Road). Register today at www.sweelee.com.sg (UPDATE: Registration for the clinic is now closed as we are full!)


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