SLMA & Cort Present Jeff Berlin Bass Clinic

Heard of Jeff Berlin? If you’ve never, then it’s time you do!

Classically-trained and Berklee-educated Berlin has been hailed by Cream’s bassist Jack Bruce as “the best bass player I ever heard”; Carlos Santana called him “the best bass player in the world”, and even Geddy Lee of Rush claimed that he is “the greatest bass player on the planet”. His talent is such a force to be reckoned with that he was invited to join Van Halen, which he turned down.

Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola and George Benson are just a few out of several big-name artists Berlin has worked with. Not only is he a talented bass player, he was also instrumental in setting up the Bass Institute of Technology and went on to pursue his passion in teaching by setting up The Players School of Music in 1996. He has also released several jazz-oriented CDs over the years to much acclaim.

With over 40 years of rich experience under Berlin’s belt as a bass player, this clinic is not to be missed by bass players, bass students or those who are looking to start off on the bass.

“…a contemporary master of the electric bass.” – PremierGuitar Magazine

“The goal of all players is to play what you hear inside of yourself. If you cannot play what you hear inside, then you either don’t know where the notes are on the neck, or you don’t know what the notes are.” – Jeff Berlin, in response to a question posed to him and featured on

Find out more about Jeff Berlin here: And click on this link here ( to register yourself for this much anticipated clinic! (UPDATE: Registration for the clinic is now closed as we are full!)


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